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Nature at Play Freebies

An example illustration from the free downloadable outdoor clothing chart

Download and use this free outdoor clothing chart to help your children become more independent when dressing for outdoor activities. Use a weather app (e.g. BOM) or an outdoor thermometer to check the temperature with your child. If using an app like BOM it is useful to look at the 'feels like' temperature for the day. Your child can then look at the chart to help select appropriate clothing to wear. Adjust your decisions to suit your own child, and as always, sun protection is recommended in our Australian climate. There's no such thing as bad weather!

Outdoor Clothing Chart

example of nature themed high-contrast cards

Download and print these nature themed high-contrast cards for young children. Consider placing them in a frame for tummy time, hanging them from a play gym or using them as flash cards. For older children, these cards can also be used for counting practise.

High-contrast nature cards

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