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Our Story

Hi! I'm Morgan, the face behind Nature at Play. 
I am a mum, nature enthusiast and primary school teacher. 
I have worked, studied or volunteered in schools for the last decade and have been a classroom teacher for the last six years.

When I had my daughter in 2022, I started developing ideas for outdoor learning activities. I thought about the students I had taught, as well as the kind of educational experiences I wanted my own daughter to have. I believe it's important for children to connect with the outdoors, play freely and that learning does not need to be confined to a desk or indoor classroom.

Within my own teaching practice, I have seen children light up when they are given the opportunity to play and learn outside. A bit of sunshine, some open space and a few rocks, leaves, shells and sticks (some of the best free learning resources around us!) can turn an average activity into something engaging - at times even awe inspiring! 

Nature at Play cards help to facilitate outdoor learning and play by providing lots of different activities, ready to go in a portable pack. All you need are a few simple resources (almost all I think you will already have at home) and head outside to play!

I hope that you enjoy using our products as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Nature at Play Foundation Maths deck of cards packaging example
back of Nature at Play Foundation Maths deck
Four Nature at Play card examples
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